Österlens Flygmuseum


Österlens Flygmuseum

A small museum in the middle of the countryside. Mainly concentrated on the Saab J35 Draken.
Many of the planes are under resoration/conservation. There are no rope barriers so you can get close to the planes.
It is very thight in the 'hangar' and the J35's has there outer wings removed.


Ö. Vemmerlöv, Östbo

272 97 GÄRSNÄS



museum picture

Saab 35-5 Draken

Saab J 35A Draken

Saab J 35B Draken

Saab SK 35C Draken

Saab J 35D Draken

Saab S 35E Draken

Saab J 35J Draken

Saab J 35J Draken

Saab TF-35 Draken

Saab J32B Lansen

Schleicher K8B

Saab A38 B3LA